Where are they now? Elevating Excellence with Hindmarsh Drainage.

Where are they now? Elevating Excellence with Hindmarsh Drainage.


February 29, 2024

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In the ever-evolving realm of drainage solutions, HTK had the fortune of collaborating with a company that, right from the start, distinguished itself with an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Founded on the principles of integrity, Hindmarsh Drainage is a testament to the power of family values in business. As stated on their website the core mission revolves around providing clients with swift and accurate solutions.  

“Our commitment is to ensure that your drainage needs are met with the utmost care, precision, and integrity, promising you peace of mind.”- Mike Afualo 

HTK Senior Advisor Johnny Aranga supported Mike & Crystal in seamlessly navigating the process of employing new personnel, ensuring they acquired the right talent to fuel their growth trajectory. Additionally, Johnny supported the process of acquiring the necessary tools and strategies to prepare for procurement, enabling them to effectively engage with suppliers and secure the resources needed for their operations.  

“Mike and Crystal required some support around structuring their business operations which allowed them to focus on scaling their business and capitalising on available opportunities. I am wrapped to see that they have continued their business success and wish them all the best moving forward.” – Johnny Aranga 

Fast forward to 2024, and Hindmarsh Drainage distinguishes itself with a broad spectrum of services, ranging from new builds, meticulous commercial renovations, road repairs, and large-scale civil drainage projects. Their success has enabled Hindmarsh Drainage to become a supplier for WaterCare’s 3.5-billion-dollar asset upgrade and renewal programme. With significant growth in their team and capabilities, Hindmarsh is slowly becoming one of Auckland’s reputable drainage companies on the rise.  

For those seeking drainage services characterized by expertise, care, and dedication, Hindmarsh Drainage stands as a trusted name and is a testament of what consistency and commitment to quality Mike and his team have achieved.  

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