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What is Launch Club Aotearoa?

Starting a startup can be a daunting and lonely experience. Launch Club Aotearoa is designed to provide aspiring founders with the support, guidance and resources they need to launch their startup successfully.

The earlier you are in your journey the better, because Launch Club Aotearoa is designed for anyone who has identified a problem they want to solve but hasn’t yet started a company.

Validate a problem & launch your startup alongside an ambitious community of founders underpinned by direction from experts.

Launch Club helps aspiring & early-stage founders validate a problem, meet prospective co-founders, develop an MVP (’minimum viable product’), and get it into customers’ hands.

Through our peer community, expert guidance, co-founder networking, and practical learning, this 9-week program will help remove the barriers for you to launch your startup.

Launch Club Aotearoa is a hybrid program with most of the content delivered virtually but combined with invaluable in-person subject matter expert sessions and networking opportunities.

Applications Now Open

Launch Club Aotearoa– is the only pre-accelerator offered to early-stage founders even at the idea stage. It is open and accessible to all and provides support throughout the year.  

Want to know 5 reasons you should join Launch Club Aotearoa? Read here
Get plugged in to the centre of the ANZ startup ecosystem.
Practical, actionable programming
Highly selective + program fees = skin in the game + ⬆️ engagement + high quality
Form genuine relationships (inc. prospective co-founders)
Soak up the magic!

Programme Partners

Meet the only NZ based Startmate staff and Head of Product Ryan Walker as he chats about the benefits of partnering with Startmate – the epicentre for startup ambition across Australia and New Zealand.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $1100 (incl GST).

We want you to have skin in the game and know that everyone else in the cohort is just as committed as you are. There would be some scholarships available for founders who need the support.

Who is eligible?

Aspiring founders who have identified a problem they want to solve but have yet to start a company.

Founders who are in the early stages of building a company and taking their product to the market.

What is included in the program?

9 weeks of masterclasses and workshops to learn from experts and action their advice form peer community founders:

What to expect each week

What is the application/selection process?

The application is comprised of three short answer questions and an optional  short video component. Selection is highly competitive, and we’ll be assessing applicants on their ambition, motivation, and passion for joining our community.

Short Answer Questions [Max 250 words each]

Short Video Question [Optional]


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