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What is Startup Activator?

Are you looking to launch or scale up you startup? Perhaps you have been working on a startup idea for a while or have been developing a new product and would like some help to work through them? Or perhaps you’ve been in the market for a while and would like to know about what support is available for startups in NZ?

What you will receive?

Who is this for?

For Māori founders 
across Aotearoa.

For Pacific Peoples and other ethnicities

Is StartUp Activator for me?

If you are any of the following then yes it is!

If you are a New Zealand based startup.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a startup.

If you are a startup that is already in the market and keen to access support to grow your business.

If you are an entrepreneur from an underrepresented community.

What does StartUp Activator support look like?

StartUp Activator provides the right advice, connects you to funding opportunities and startup programmes. So, if you are New Zealand startup please get in touch! Our startup advisors are looking forward to meeting you.

View our Code of Conduct here.

Startup Kōrero Sessions

The Startup Kōrero is an interactive speaker series powered by HTK Start Up that is open and free for innovators and high-growth Aotearoa startups. These one-to-many sessions are curated to the evolving needs of startups across Aotearoa.

Sessions are conducted regularly in Auckland, Christchurch and virtually.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

Is there a cost?

StartUp Activator is free for all startups to access. 


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