Noeleen Tuala – Pele Babies

Noeleen Tuala – Pele Babies


January 30, 2024

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In this month’s spotlight, we are thrilled to showcase PELE, a unique and vibrant business making waves in the world of baby products.  

 “I was blessed enough to be referred to HTK being a small company that would benefit from (HTK Group) advisory services. As a small business owner one can only hope that you have experienced support in your corner and I have found this with HTK Group,” says founder and owner Noeleen Tuala.  

 Specializing in Pasifika-themed essentials, PELE brings a touch of culture and warmth to the hearts of parents and caregivers. Their exquisite collection includes beautifully crafted blankets, play mats, capsule covers and wraps, adorned with traditional Pasifika designs that not only embrace the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands but also provide a cozy and comfortable haven for the little ones. PELE’s commitment to quality and cultural authenticity sets them apart, making each product not just a baby essential but a piece of art that tells a story.  

“PELE has seen so much growth in our first year and I have been able to navigate wholesale and stockists with more confidence and ease. As a result, it has allowed me to expand PELE confidently. Not only that but the ability to feel self-assured in how I manage PELE has been a positive result I have seen from connecting with Senior Advisor Johnny Aranga at HTK Group,” explains Noeleen. 

Balancing all the hats of being a mother, grandmother, wife, Pacific Champion, and successful businesswoman, it is clear to see how much of Noeleen’s passion drives PELE. We are inspired by PELE’s dedication to creating meaningful and culturally significant products and applaud Noeleen’s efforts in bringing joy and tradition into the lives of families.

For more info on PELE and her thriving business see here.

Chat to our Senior Business Advisor Johnny Aranga here.


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